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Attribution Requirement: If you choose to share images of your spaces or projects featuring our free e-designs on social media, personal blogs, or other platforms, you must provide proper attribution. Please credit Loud Sirenz as the source of the design by mentioning our website's name and URL in your post.

Modifications: You may make minor modifications to the e-designs for personal use, such as resizing or cropping. However, substantial alterations or adaptations that lead to the creation of new designs are not allowed.

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We reserve the right to modify these usage rights and terms at any time without prior notice. It is your responsibility to stay informed about any updates.

By downloading and using our free e-designs, you agree to abide by these usage rights and terms. 

While the design is complimentary, we kindly encourage you to consider making a donation to a worthy cause. Some non-profit organization based in Buffalo, New York, dedicated to making a positive impact in our community are:

El Batey Inc

Stitch Buffalo

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