Who are we?

"Being loud isn't just about the volume of your voice, it's about the power of your message".

The one-stop-shop for all things cannabis and fashion! We are not your average brand - we are a movement, a lifestyle, and a fashion statement. Our unique blend of cannabis-inspired designs and slow fashion style capture the essence and power of the plant in every piece we create. 

We believe in sustainability and are proud to offer garments and jewelry made in the US, locally in Buffalo, New York and Puerto Rico. With a focus on hemp and organic cotton fabric options and bold designs, our goal is to change the game in fashion, one garment at a time. We are a Latina minority-owned business that takes pride in our roots and seeks to uplift our community through our message of cannabis normalization.

Our jewelry and fashion pieces are more than just accessories - they are statements. They are powerful reminders that cannabis is not just medicine, but a lifestyle. Whether you are a cannabis enthusiast or just looking for unique and stylish fashion, Loud Sirenz Cannabis Fashion Boutique has got you covered. From Cannabis Fashion experiences to custom garments, let's spark a loud movement of progressive acceptance and sustainability one piece at a time.