Sparking a loud movement of progressive acceptance through glamorous sustainability, one garment at a time.

We are grateful for your support to our sustainably loud handmade garments that embody our unique slow fashion and design process.

Please note that due to the exclusive and personalized nature of our products, we do not offer refunds or returns. Rest assured, each piece is crafted with the utmost care and dedication to ensure that you are completely satisfied. In order to maintain the highest level of quality and attention to detail, we require a 50% deposit upfront on all custom garment orders. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a more sustainable future and for choosing to support our cannabis fashion boutique.

We offer various customization options. First, fill out our Design Consultation Form and our team will contact you to proceed creating the perfect custom piece for you. 

Upcycling Program

Introducing our Jacket Upcycling Option! We are thrilled to share with you our passion for sustainable fashion and our commitment to reducing waste. This option allows you to drop off or ship us a pre-loved jacket to your fitting and have us customize it to your liking. We give your old jacket new life by adding in various fabric options such as hemp and organic cotton, and customized sleeves to make it a one-of-a-kind piece. Not only will you be giving new life to your old clothes but you will also be helping the planet by reducing the amount of textile waste that ends up in landfills.

Cut + Sew 

With a focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness, we offer fabric options made from premium quality hemp and organic cotton. Our designs are bold, unique, and loud; hand crafted and fitted perfectly to your measurements. 

Other Customization Options: 

Brand Merch Fashion Design

Special Event Looks (Festivals, Photoshoots, Birthdays and all other occasions)